Writing a 2000 point Primaris List & 40k Lessons

So this week I played my first proper game of new Warhammer 40,000 and just wanted to share my thoughts as my army list evolves over the next several months and also a few things I learnt. This was using my White Scars and the first time I've used the new Primaris Marines. What to … Continue reading Writing a 2000 point Primaris List & 40k Lessons


Week in review 30/07

So the week is over and time for a quick round up. Well the main hobby news is that this blog has started! In other news the news Space Marine Codex has been purchased alongside the new Redemptor Dreadnought and a unit of Primaris Agressors. There are more releases next week and I just wish … Continue reading Week in review 30/07

Guild Ball – 1 player from each team for an Errata 

So after the great Guild Ball Errata 2017 I think the dust has settled and the trolls have had their time in the sun it is time to reflect. For my own thoughts I like the vast majority of the changes so that for example Shark and Midas can continue doing what they are doing … Continue reading Guild Ball – 1 player from each team for an Errata 

Guild Ball Errata First Thoughts

So the new Guild Ball errata has just been released and wanted to just quickly share my thoughts. This is one of my ‘main’ games and something I have played since the Kickstarter days usually with my trusty Butchers! If you haven’t seen the errata summary it looks like this: So on initial overview it … Continue reading Guild Ball Errata First Thoughts