Week in review 30/07

So the week is over and time for a quick round up.
Well the main hobby news is that this blog has started!

In other news the news Space Marine Codex has been purchased alongside the new Redemptor Dreadnought and a unit of Primaris Agressors. There are more releases next week and I just wish Games Workshop would release something other than Primaris models just to let my wallet catch up! It is starting to annoy me how many units are being released and how much they cost I just can’t keep up and no chance a 16 year old without a job can, really would like GW to release something (anything!) for another army.

I have also started painting my Tara Crew for Malifaux and the first models have been finished off with bases from Solid Ground Studios (excellent resin bases if you are looking for any). This was simply spray white and then a couple of coats of the blue glaze from GW and it looks really good.

The big Guild Ball errata has got me looking at my Butchers line up but also what team to pick up next, and now leaning towards Hunters and seeing if I can get them working!?

I have also been progressing slowly some White Scar characters but the painting has been limited this week after returning from holiday and catching up on real life.

No full gaming done this week but hope to change this coming up and especially get more White Scars ready for the Warhammer World visit on 12th August for a full day of gaming before visiting the Forge World Open day on the Sunday. I did have a 2000 point game of 40k on Friday but we started late and had to call it end of turn two but I’ll definitely post my thoughts as I go through the Primaris evolution. This was my army used:

That’s it for this week!


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