I NEED the Generals Handbook

I need it to work. I need it to get local players back into Age of Sigmar. I need it to get me back into AoS. 

Warhammer I would say has been my ‘main’ game for a long time of my hobby life. I remember the old edition with a cardboard high elf griffon fighting a cardboard orc wyvern in the starter set and it was the game that brought me back into the hobby. I had collected several armies including High Elves, Orc & Gobins and Ogre Kingdoms and then Age of Sigmar dropped….

In many (many) ways it is a great game and a lot more steamlined (not simpler….) than 8th edition and a lot of models I had in my collection which I couldn’t use (as were not optimal for the points in 8th edition) were suddenly good to use again! I really enjoyed early AoS and backed it against the backlash and wanted to love it but something just didn’t click. As people started to ‘exploit’ the rules I just stopped loving it and other games took over in my priorities and the Destruction were shelved.


The change to AoS and round bases with fewer models did give me a freedom in my hobby which I have grasped and without the change I would never have picked up and played Frostgrave, Rumbleslam, Guild Ball, Malifaux, Warhammer 40k and other games. I am grateful for the change and ability to pick up new games and make new friends in the hobby.

However I really want to get back into AoS and enjoy the game like I once did. I am genuinely willing GHB2017 to be excellent and reinvigorate my love for the game. I have a fully painted Ogor Army just sat on a shelf gathering dust which I had rebased and re-painted for AoS but never really used it beyond the first few months of AoS. I want to start a new army and really fancy a Moonclan Army with lots of squigs but again I want to use this in a game.


I didn’t like how the game went and more importantly I didn’t like how the community went with the game after a few months but I am hoping the GHB2017 does a good job of fixing some of the issues (certainly some of the new rules of 1 are a great start) and hope it brings the good feels back!

This is not me saying AoS is rubbish, far from it, and I really want to play it again. I am so willing GHB2017 to be brilliant and get me back into it as Games Workshop don’t need to do much to drag me back in just be their awesome recent selves! I look forward to the release and it can’t come soon enough for me to get back onto the AoS Hype-Train!


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