I am done with 30k Horus Heresy

I am never playing 30k Horus Heresy again. Now that is a statement to start a post with!
What I should say is that I am never playing 30k Horus Heresy whilst it remains on 7th edition rules. This isn’t a post to shout and complain about the rules themselves but more a sharing of my thoughts down that I just have no interest whatsoever in playing 7th edition.


I have a large 3000+ points White Scars army for 30k but I am only interested in using it for 40k units right now. I have picked up 8th edition 40k and it is my favourite version of the game and has got me back into 40k after a good 10/15 year time away. I also enjoy Age of Sigmar but there are some issues with that game but new 40k seems to have learned those lessons and it is ‘AoS done right’ as far as I am concerned.


It is easy(ish) to pull an army together and very streamlined to actually play and keep the game moving along at a decent pace. I don’t want to use the word ‘simple’ because whilst it has fewer rules they are just streamlined not simplified in my eyes and there is a big difference there. I actually look forward to playing 40k and it has even got my local gaming group excited again with 10 of us heading down to Warhammer World for a day’s gaming of 40k.


However if someone wanted to play 30k then I am stepping away. It just seems far too ‘complex’ for absolutely no benefit to the game experience other than being complex for the sake of it. There are too many rules and I am choosing to forget them already and free up that small portion of my brain to learn a new system or army instead! I still love 30k and will keep buying all the novels and I will definitely be back when the rules system is updated into 8th edition. I completely understand in terms of the size of Forgeworld, the planning of the heresy rulebooks and other things which may have impacted their ability to move to 8th edition but I just have zero desire to play the game. The reason this hit me in the face is that as mentioned I am off to Warhammer World and usually use this as an excuse to visit the Forgeworld Store and pick up something new for the White Scars 30k army. However this trip I am only looking at things for AoS and have zero interest in even looking at new vehicles or units for 30k. I just feel it will be a waste of money and won’t be spending any more on 30k until they move to 8th edition.


This isn’t a rant or moan it is just I don’t want to spend my precious cash and hobby time on a system I just don’t “feel” anymore or enjoy but look forward to the time when we welcome the 8th edition overhaul into the 30k universe (plus I want my Primarch!). So I’ll continue to read all the books but might be a while before the sounds of a 30k battle are heard by me.



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