Warhammer World Weekend and Forgeworld Open Day

I am so excited because this weekend I am having a full on geek time!

There is a group of 10 of us all meeting up in Warhammer World for a day of 40k gaming and the White Scars will be coming along J We have tables booked and a big 5 v 5 games of Imperium v Xenos arrange for the day, I cannot wait! This is what the Hobby is all about to me in terms of meeting up with friends and just gaming without any cares about broken lists, slow play at tournaments, painting scores, etc. This is what the Hobby should be about and I am so looking forward to it taking my White Scars with me!


A trip to Warhammer World is also never complete without taking advantage of the Forgeworld store without having to pay the ridiculous 12% postage charge (I do on purpose if ordering multiple low value items just order separate as the postage will cost them more than 12% and it is a silly system, we need free GW store deliveries but that is another topic for another time…). This time I am not looking at any Horus Heresy as I am staying away from that system until it moves to 8th edition rules.


However I am looking to get back into Age of Sigmar and I can’t stop looking at the Colossal Squig and starting a new Moonclan Army! I have owned this model before but it was sold when AoS launched as I moved my entire Orc & Goblin army on to other battlefields but it has always held a place in my heart because who doesn’t love squigs!? At the moment my big decision is just the colossal squig or the moonclan bundle which also includes the squig gobba and command set (although double the price).


The plan is breakfast in Bugmans followed by visit to the Miniatures Hall (I will find that hidden model one day) and a day of gaming. Then on the Sunday is my first visit to any ‘event’ at Warhammer World at the Forgeworld Open Day. I have no idea what to expect but have to confess I am a little underwhelmed by the products available to purchase there. At the moment there is 2 tanks, lots of Custodes a few random Blood Bowl bits and then an AoS Monster who isn’t new but has been made available again. At the very least I was hoping for something new for each system and not sure there is anything there I actually want to buy. I really hope the day is more than just a big Forgeworld store and I will be turning up with an open mind to enjoy it all. I just really hope it doesn’t make me want to pick up 30k again!


Forget one day tournaments and conventions for me a weekend in the headquarters of the hobby with friends is as good as it gets (unless I actually win a tournament and then that is awesome but I do like to use a good filthy list sometimes!). Isn’t it times like these which the hobby is all about????



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