Batman miniature game first impressions

I had a demo of the Batman 2nd edition this week and just wanted to share my thoughts. I had a Riddler crew against a Joker Crew and went through the basics and played 4 turns of the game. Good Points: Liked the scenarios and how you ‘allocate’ willpower to actions at the start of … Continue reading Batman miniature game first impressions


Painting the Guild Ball Farmers

So just wanted to share a quick post as have just finished off painting the Farmers Team for Guild Ball and record this for my own purposes. In essence I need to remember what paints were used when I pick up the second box of players next year! So I really struggled here as the … Continue reading Painting the Guild Ball Farmers

Guild Ball Guild Identity Cards Review & Ranking

I wanted to have a look through the new Guild Identity Cards for every team. This is a new concept for Guild Ball and I can see in the future (a bit like new 40K) there being different options for the game you want to choose in terms of ‘classic’ or with the different pitch … Continue reading Guild Ball Guild Identity Cards Review & Ranking

Warhammer World & Forgeworld Open Day Review 

I thought it was worth putting a quick post about last weekend when we made a group trip to Warhammer World and the Forgeworld Open day with a weekend in Nottingham.  On the Saturday we arrived in Nottingham but one member of the group hadn’t checked the opening times for Warhammer World (I am sorry … Continue reading Warhammer World & Forgeworld Open Day Review